This is a gallery of photographs of outstanding metasequoias that I have visited around the 
country.  The purpose of this gallery is to impress upon those who are not familiar with the
 uniqueness of the dawn redwood, the almost prehistoric quality of the boles if left branched 
to the ground, and the general beauty and gracefulness of the tree as a specimen. 
Additionally, if you are already an admirer of the tree, you should be able to appreciate 
these images all the more.

Know where there is an impressive metasequoia? Please drop me a line and let me know 
so that I can perhaps visit, photograph, and appreciate it as well.

Have a dawn redwood growing in your yard and want to show it off?  Contact me.

Note: All photographs are taken by me unless otherwise noted, and are protected by 
US copyright laws. If you wish to reproduce one of these images, please contact me  
prior to doing so.

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Doug Hanks 2005